Solopreneur Business Network Annual Event
The only event tailored for you the solo business owner.

Thursday, 22nd November
0900 – 1600 | Petridish Penthouse

Action Takers Offer – $39+GST
Price goes to $60+GST after the 16th Nov

All tickets include lunch and tea break refreshments.

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Sharon Byrne

Director | Nothing Beats Action

Sharon has helped businesses achieve breakthrough leadership, marketing, sales and personal development results through business training and coaching and with the fastest system to upskill and engage their teams!

She has worked in Australia and New Zealand in the coaching, finance, events, entertainment & property industries.

She is a motivational trainer and coach & have a reputation for building sales teams and Company Leaders that get superstar results!

You can find out more about Sharon on her website

Deborah Cooper

Performance Strategist | Debz Cooper

Mediocre is for the small players. Deborah is a Performance Strategist who will stretch your mindset to think bigger than you’ve ever thought before with follow through techniques to blow any fear out of your mind. She will give you action steps that are realistic & achievable, which you will do on the spot.

Not only is Deborah sensational at what she does, she is the 6th highest ranking in the world of the teachings of Dr John Demartini. But when you meet her, you won’t get a pretentious person – she is definitely real (and lives in Dunedin)! Because of her personality and knowledge, she presents internationally alongside Dr Demartini.

For the past 12 years her business has been based on Universal Laws – she coins it StressologistTM. By teaching you to identify and break down the barriers that keep you from moving forward, Deborah will help you reach new levels of Inspiration, Creativity, and Performance in pursuit of your goals… with a gentle stilleto kick!

Be nosy here:


Bronwyn Bay

Founder | Share Your Gold Community

Bronwyn Bay is hugely passionate about the power of collaboration, community and supporting parents to pursue their passions. Her passion for community support initiatives started in 2014 when she launched ‘It Takes A Village…’ in East Auckland. She was inspired to address isolation problems, particularly in the parent community, after her own battle with postnatal depression. She moved to Dunedin in 2015 and continues to enjoy coordinating events, meetups and services that bring people together. She believes that by seeing each other truly and deeply we are more inclined to reach out to each other when in need and more inclined to help others when we can. She’s seen first hand the role authentic community-based connections play in supporting local businesses. Her message is to encourage people to see both customers and business owners as the community members they are.

You can find more about Bronwyn and the Share Your Gold Community on

Fiona Cole

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant | Big Words

Fiona Cole is a professional copywriter who helps business owners to get their message out there – in print and online. As a specialist in SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing, Fiona can help you build your online presence and improve the performance of your website in bringing in business. As a writer and business mentor in marketing, Fiona enjoys helping businesses to achieve effective and engaging content in all their communications and promotional material in line with their business goals.

You can find more about Fiona on her website

Nick Brown

Director | Shop Box NZ

Nick is the driving force behind Shop Box New Zealand. He is becoming the commercial leader of Digital Content Creation for businesses in New Zealand.

He believes that being able to access digital expertise at your fingertips to meet an ever-changing advertising game is the way to go. He is here to help you step up and drive new business your way.

You can find more about Nick and Shop Box NZ here

Nikole Robson

Director | Marketing by Nikole Robson

Nikole’s talents are in sync with what the marketing world needs. She is dedicated to helping businesses with their marketing and has extensive skills and knowledge in ways to max out your business, without maxing out their budget.
She currently contracts to a multitude of companies for media generation, media marketing and general promotional purposes. 

You can find out more about Nikole and her services on her website

Suzanne Edington

Digital Marketing Adviser | Web Genius Dunedin

Suzanne has a strong background in Sales and Marketing and works with over 100 businesses in Dunedin. She has formed strong relationships with them and enjoys watching their businesses grow from strength to strength.

“I enjoy demystifying Google with clients, most have a website but don’t understand how Google works and why their website isn’t higher in searches than their competitors”

Part of the secret to Suzanne’s success is listening to her clients and finding out what they want to achieve and working out a solution to suit their budget. Hearing about her clients success is what Suzanne enjoys most about her role and she often has other businesses referred to her so that she can help them too.

Suzanne has a Diploma in Digital Marketing and is also a Business Mentor for Mentors NZ through Otago Southland Employers Association, something she enjoys as it’s volunteering her time to work with small businesses wanting help.

To learn more about Suzanne, you can visit her website

Emeritus Professor Brendan Gray

Managing Partner and Communications Consultant | Gray Lakes Communications

Emeritus Professor Brendan Gray was one of our founding presenters for the Solopreneur Business Network’s first annual event. His presentation on Marketing was well received, so much so that his presentation has become one that we MUST HAVE at each year as it is a good reminder to anyone with a business that marketing is essential.

He recently joined the entrepreneurship boat again in May 2016 running his Consultancy firm after many years lecturing and leading exciting projects including being the inaugural Dunedin City Chair of Entrepreneurship in 2007. 

You can find more about Emeritus Professor Gray on his LinkedIn page 

Lucy Eru

Director | Lucy Creates

Lucy loves helping brands develop their unique identity and create a go-to market strategy that converts. She has ten years experience managing brands across on-and-offline channels. With experience that includes working for one of the most recognised brands, the Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies, Lucy brings insight into how branding is an important part of marketing.

You can find out more about Lucy on her LinkedIn Profile

Matt Jenkins

Director | Mensana Movement

You are the main marketing tool your business needs for survival. As a business owner especially as a Solopreneur, your business depends on you. Your health and wellbeing is imperative for the health of your business. 

Matt has had his own experiences of being inconsistently healthy and it inspired him to study and research behaviour change and obtain a doctorate in exercise psychology.

Understanding, empathy, and compassion are central to what he does. We all face challenges in staying healthy, not least finding the time and motivation to do so. He collaborates and encourages clients to find solutions that work for them. 

To learn more about Matt, visit Mensana Movement on



Angus Pauley

Marketing Manager | Startup Dunedin

Angus is one of the names you would have likely seen in your Inbox if you are subscribed to the Startup Dunedin community circulations. He is one of the most helpful and friendly faces you will encounter in the startup community in Dunedin.  He knows what’s happening around in the Dunedin business community and is a contact you should get to know to stay in the loop with the latest and upcoming events. 

He has also been recognised nationally for his courageous part in a river rescue where he was nominated Young New Zealander of the Year and was a National Finalist for the Pride of New Zealand awards. 

You can find out more about Angus and the Startup Dunedin community on 

Ricky Collins

Co-Creator & Owner | inMind Ltd

Ricky Collins is one of the few who have stepped into the journey of creating an app. This app is a labour of love to share his knowledge and experience of over 20 years of enjoying, tasting and experiencing wine. 

The inMind company he is a part of is building a wine tasting app that will enhance those same experiences for others. He joins our panel to give our participants and members insight into the world of app creation. 

Amy Parsons-King

Director | 11Eleven

Amy is no stranger to Solopreneurship as she sets up shop as a Content Agency owner.  Previously setup as a blogger in the Fashion industry for more than five years, she also brings in more than 10 years experience having worked for The Press, Stuff and the ODT.

Amy contributes her background as a writer and her love of photography and film as part of our panel.

You can find out more about Amy on


This is the fourth year running of the Solopreneur Business Network’s Annual event. This year’s theme is based on what you our solopreneurs have said that you need the most help with – M.A.R.K.E.T.I.N.G!

Being in business is not only exciting but it also comes with trying and testing times. Let alone when you are in it as a Solopreneur!

You went into business with so much passion and started off with a bang and before you knew it, you either:

  • slowly realise that this was harder than you thought or
  • lost your enthusiasm or 
  • run out of money to help feed this business or
  • unsure of what to do next and decide to go back to the safety of familiarity

Alternatively, you may have also discovered that the good times are oh so sweet and rewarding especially as you alone managed to drive your business towards that goal you had written down a few months ago. High five you!

The Solopreneur Business Network annual event IS THE EVENT for you to attend and meet others just like you! It is the day to meet others who know what it is like to run a business alone as a solo business owner.

Topics will be based on marketing your business and hearing stories of the successes and failures of marketing campaigns others have gone through.





What our previous participants say about this event…


Such an amazing event today! I am so glad I was part of it. Thanks so much to Vanessa and all the wonderful speakers – I really hope there will be another next year!

Nicola Brown

Clinical Psychologist & Fellow Solopreneur, nibl ~ Nature's Ingredients Brought To Life

What a valuable day for solopreneurs! Vanessa assembled an expert group of speakers who shared buckets of knowledge, advice and encouragement. Plus there was time to mingle and network and the food was superb. Solopreneurs – get out from your workspace and attend one of Vanessa’s workshops, you are guaranteed to boost your professional, business and personal success!

Claire Porima

Business Coach & Fellow Solopreneur, Claire Porima Coaching & IraCards

The SBN event was my first networking event that I had attended and I learned so much.

Not only were the speakers top quality but it was clear we were all there to support each other in our business journey.

Melissa Houston

Virtual Assistant & Fellow Solopreneur, Alleviate VA