Episode 25: Melissa Houston of Alleviate VA

Melissa Houston started Alleviate Virtual Assistance after she sold her clothing business. Her love for technology and list creation along with crossing items off that list makes her enjoy helping you the business owner who is feeling overwhelmed in your business. A...

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Episode 24: Nicola Brown of Nibl

In early 2012, in response to some health issues within her family, and being aware of her own family history of health risks, Nicola started investigating ways of consciously using food to enhance health and well-being. Feeling confused about messages around...

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Episode 23: Ricky Collins of Good Decision Ltd

Ricky had spent 26 years in NZ Police in management roles. With the with onset of a restructure in sight, he had to make some important decision and he decided to do one of the things he was passionate about. He decided to leave and went back to University to complete...

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Episode 22: Lorraine Hamilton of LorraineHamilton.co.nz

Lorraine is an intelligent and thought provoking whiz when she starts to talk. She is a personal branding and market positioning whiz who also wrote a report about list building that is probably going to raise some eyebrows. She is however true to her word and is...

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