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Solopreneur Business Network Annual Event
The only event tailored for you the solo business owner.

Thursday, 23rd November
0900 – 1600 | Startup Space Dunedin


Action Takers Offer – $39+GST
Price goes to $60+GST after the 15th Nov

All tickets include lunch and tea break refreshments.

This event has been kindly subsidised and sponsored by:




in order of presentation

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Jarrad Booyens

Business Banking Manager | ANZ Bank

Jarrad Booyens has been in the banking industry for more than 5 years. He is familiar and experienced with helping small businesses with their banking requirements. He has also had 5 years lending experience in the banking industry.

He will share with you as a Solopreneur what solutions are available to you as a small business owner and the options available to help you with your business from ANZ.

You can find more about ANZ and their Free Business Workshops here

Simon Milne

Notary Public and Partner | Polson McMillan

At the end of 2012 my wife Kate and I, together with our children Laura and Fin made a decision to move back to Dunedin. I am originally from Dunedin and completed my law degree at Otago University, then moved to Auckland where I spent 22 years as a Partner in one of the larger firms, also completing a Masters Degree in Commercial Law at Auckland University during that time.

We love the Dunedin lifestyle and the opportunities it has to offer, the educational opportunities for our children, the proximity to great beaches and to Central Otago as we are all keen skiers.

In my career so far I have built extensive experience in all aspects of property law (both residential and commercial, acting for a wide range of clients from first home buyers through to property developers, investors, landlords and tenants), business law (acting for a wide range of businesses ensuring they have the best structures in place, acting for clients buying or selling a business or investing or selling as shareholders), and in private client law (including all aspects of trust law, wills , and powers of attorney).

I build strong loyal relationships with my clients, and put time into getting to know them and their businesses, providing practical efficient advice and finding solutions for each clients unique legal and business problems, ensuring that they have the right structures in place either for their business or for them personally. I also enjoy undertaking due diligence for clients whether they are buying or selling a business or a property. Obtaining experienced legal advice at this early stage of the process can be crucial for clients buying or selling what will usually be one of their biggest assets. I like to be proactive rather than reactive.

Time outside of work is spent hanging out with the family, with Fin and Laura keeping us busy with sport and school life. I enjoy sport, running (but not often enough), tennis (I am a member of the Cosy Dell Tennis club), skiing , windsurfing and rugby. My Rugby playing days are well over but I enjoy assisting with coaching and managing Fin’s team when time allows. I also enjoy art , cooking, reading and spending time with good friends.

You can find out more about Simon on www.polsonmcmillan.co.nz

Greg Verhoef

Chartered Accountant | Greg Verhoef

Greg Verhoef is a sole practitioner Chartered Accountant who works with business owners who want more than just compliance from their accountant.

“My focus is around building relationships and working with you to develop plans and strategies to help make great business decisions.”

Greg will be sharing his insights to managing cashflow and other areas of accounting that are relevant to you as a small business owner.

You can find out more about Greg on his website http://www.gregvca.nz

Emeritus Professor Brendan Gray

Managing Partner and Communications Consultant | Gray Lakes Communications

Emeritus Professor Brendan Gray was one of our founding presenters for the Solopreneur Business Network’s first annual event. His presentation on Marketing was well received, so much so that his presentation has become one that we MUST HAVE at each year as it is a good reminder to anyone with a business that marketing is essential.

He recently joined the entrepreneurship boat again in May 2016 running his Consultancy firm after many years lecturing and leading exciting projects including being the inaugural Dunedin City Chair of Entrepreneurship in 2007. 

You can find more about Emeritus Professor Gray on his LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/in/brendan-gray-17335712 

Fiona Cole

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant | Big Words

Fiona Cole is a professional copywriter who helps business owners to get their message out there – in print and online. As a specialist in SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing, Fiona can help you build your online presence and improve the performance of your website in bringing in business. As a writer and business mentor in marketing, Fiona enjoys helping businesses to achieve effective and engaging content in all their communications and promotional material in line with their business goals.

You can find more about Fiona on her website http://bigwords.co.nz/

Simon Fawkes

Online Business Coach at B2M; Mindshop Facilitator at Mindshop

Simon Fawkes is an Expert in Online Business Coaching, Strategy, Marketing, Social Media and Online Video Marketing. He has been described as someone who “single-handedly taken a poorly performing client of mine and turned his business into an international industry leader. His clear understanding of and focus on what needs to be done combined with his sharp marketing intellect has masterminded a huge increase in sales for this client. He has an astonishing grasp on all the new technologies and techniques for modern marketing.”

You can find more about Simon on www.b2m.co.nz

Donna-Marie Stark

Photographer | Shotz Photography

donna-marieA Gold Bar Fellow of Photography in the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, Donna-Marie is a leader in her life passion; photography. From humble beginnings in 1982 in Gore to her current personally and beautifully decorated studio in Dunedin she has photographed many memories including helping businesses with their branding shoots and making you look your best!

Donna-Marie personally conducts every session, combining her expertise with modern composition and utilises the best of today’s technology. Her glamour sessions are renowned in Otago for the transformation that each and every person experiences.

This is all backed up by an endless list of awards which you can find out more about on her website www.shotz.co.nz

Mike Spencer

Owner-Operator | Valley Strength and Conditioning

mike-spencerDescribed by fellow health and fitness associates of his as “patient, empowering, relentless and understanding” Mike has the right qualities and characteristics to help anyone feeling uncomfortable with where they are with their health and fitness to get started and/or to progress forward with their fitness goals.

With more than 16 years in his industry, his clients have described the environment he has produced at Valley Strength and Conditioning as the “best place in Dunedin to exercise and I’ve experienced a fair few of them” to directly quote one of them. Clients love the supportive, challenging and inspirational environment that Mike has produced to help them push harder and at the same time enjoy the variety of workouts that is offered.

As a business owner especially as a Solopreneur, your business depends on you. Your health and fitness is imperative for the of health of your business. Mike and his team has the know-how to help you get the most out of the time you commit and they are very big on technique and helping you get it right the first time.

Mike has worked with many athletes over a wide range of disciplines. From individuals training sport specifically for sports such as Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Powerlifters and Strongman Strength athletes, Slalom snow skiing and Ice Hockey and worked with many teams and academies including the Otago Nuggets Basketball team.

To learn more about Mike, visit Valley Strength and Conditioning www.valleysc.co.nz


Victoria Wood

Dietitian| Realistic Nutrition

Victoria WoodVictoria Wood is a New Zealand Registered private practice Dietitian passionate about bringing people of all shapes and sizes towards better health.

“My goal is to pull people out of the diet rut for good. I don’t believe in dieting, rather I want to help you find your happy healthy weight via flexible, individualised eating based on hunger, satiety, nutrition and enjoyment.”

Victoria is available to talk to individuals, small groups or large groups.

To learn more about Victoria, you can visit her website www.realisticnutrition.co.nz

Julie Lawrence

Business Studies Lecturer | Te Wananga o Aotearoa

Julie LawrenceJulie has helped others learn about business and coaching them to help grow their business. She is presenting on a topic around “New Cheese” for Solopreneurs.

(*Cheese = customers/income/opportunities!)

Benefit from this shortcut workshop to gaining ‘new cheese’ with small business and marketing trainer – Julie LawrenceJulie has rare insight and offers practical solutions having trained 100s of NZ small businesses over the last 11 years.

Julie‘s workshops are interesting, practical and fun, and includes free templates – no strings attached. You can find  out more about Julie on her LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieclawrence/ 


Casey Davies-Bell

Chief Executive Officer and Sustainability Expert | Geia

casey davies-bellCasey is the name you’ll need to remember as a Solopreneur in Dunedin. Not only does he run his business – Geia as the CEO, he is also the Community Manager at the Startup Dunedin space and is always helpful and welcoming to new members who drop in to see the venue and would know who can help you if you are seeking further support. He is also the Lead Organiser for the Startup Weekend Dunedin event.

Having begun his journey by himself to growing into a team of more than 5, Casey will be sharing his successes and failures as part of the Group Discussion on this topic.

You can find out more about Casey’s business on https://www.geia.nz/ 

Anna Ory

Owner and Principal Physiotherapist | A+ Physio

Anna’s story of her beginnings is one you should listen to. It is an inspiring story of challenges encountered on layers of challenges that she continued to push through to create one of Dunedin’s finest in the health and fitness industry, A+ Physio!

It all started from a hospital bed unable to walk due to an injury.

To hear the rest of her story, come and join us at the event. More about Anna and A+ Physio at https://www.aplusphysio.co.nz

Sue Graham

Director | CareerWise

Sue GrahamSue Graham from CareerWise is a Solopreneur, providing professional career guidance at all stages of career development. Before setting up CareerWise, Sue worked as a career practitioner in tertiary education, and spent 30 fulfilling years in teaching before taking the leap into her new vocation:

“I had a great career as a primary school teacher. But when I realised I was in danger of losing my mojo – I couldn’t bear to think that the joy could go out of a job that I had loved doing for more than three decades – I chose to make a career change and leave teaching.”

Sue holds a Bachelor of Social Services (Career Practice) and is an associate member of CDANZ. As a consultant career practitioner and educator, Sue offers individual consulting and group workshops, not only for young people who are making the transition from education to the world of work, but anyone seeking a new direction in their working lives. This includes those in jobs who want to be their own boss as well as people returning to the workforce, are contemplating retirement or just ready for a change of direction.

More about Sue and CareerWise at https://www.careerwise.co.nz/


Being in business is not only exciting but it also comes with trying and testing times. Let alone when you are in it as a Solopreneur!

You went into business with so much passion and started off with a bang and before you knew it, you either:

  • slowly realise that this was harder than you thought or
  • lost your enthusiasm or 
  • run out of money to help feed this business or
  • unsure of what to do next and decide to go back to the safety of familiarity

Alternatively, you may have also discovered that the good times are oh so sweet and rewarding especially as you alone managed to drive your business towards that goal you had written down a few months ago. High five you!

The Solopreneur Business Network annual event IS THE EVENT for you to attend and meet others just like you! It is the day to meet others who know what it is like to run a business alone as a solo business owner.

This year we are talking about a variety of topics that help you succeed in business as a solopreneur. Topics from managing your finances, marketing, your health to hearing about the successes and failures of those who have gone through this path before.





What our previous participants say about this event…


Such an amazing event today! I am so glad I was part of it. Thanks so much to Vanessa and all the wonderful speakers – I really hope there will be another next year!

Nicola Brown

Clinical Psychologist & Fellow Solopreneur, nibl ~ Nature's Ingredients Brought To Life

What a valuable day for solopreneurs! Vanessa assembled an expert group of speakers who shared buckets of knowledge, advice and encouragement. Plus there was time to mingle and network and the food was superb. Solopreneurs – get out from your workspace and attend one of Vanessa’s workshops, you are guaranteed to boost your professional, business and personal success!

Claire Porima

Business Coach & Fellow Solopreneur, Claire Porima Coaching & IraCards

The SBN event was my first networking event that I had attended and I learned so much.

Not only were the speakers top quality but it was clear we were all there to support each other in our business journey.

Melissa Houston

Virtual Assistant & Fellow Solopreneur, Alleviate VA

In the meantime, you can join our group here on Facebook.