Heidi Renata

Founder and CEO of Heidi Renata Consulting & Innov8HQ

Officially recognised as one of Vodafone NZ’s Top Leaders, with over 15 years Telecommunications experience, Heidi Renata works with Businesses & Not For Profits – both locally & nationwide to develop and help deploy reputable Leadership strategies to drive results and give you the winning edge in the market in the Digital Age. She came up with the vision to create Innov8HQ and also runs a Consulting business.

You can find out more about Heidi on www.heidirenata.com/

Simon Fawkes

Online Business Coach at B2M; Mindshop Facilitator at Mindshop

Simon Fawkes is an Expert in Online Business Coaching, Strategy, Marketing, Social Media and Online Video Marketing. He has been described as someone who “single-handedly taken a poorly performing client of mine and turned his business into an international industry leader. His clear understanding of and focus on what needs to be done combined with his sharp marketing intellect has masterminded a huge increase in sales for this client. He has an astonishing grasp on all the new technologies and techniques for modern marketing.”

You can find more about Simon on www.b2m.co.nz

Becky Lazarevic Illustration

Illustrator & Designer at Becky Lazarevic Illustration

beckylazarevicprofilepictureBecky can bring your imagination into reality.

She says, “I have been doodling my whole life, so the discovery that I could make a living from doing what I love is dream come true. I’m passionate about working with people to turn their ideas from imagination to reality.”    

Becky has a Bachelor of Design and has co-illustrated two children’s books ‘I Got You Some Kisses’ and ‘I made you a cuddle’ both by the wonderful Ami Muir. She also sell art prints and creates custom illustrative portraits. More about  her on www.beckylazarevic.com

Dr Kumari Valentine

Clinical Psychologist at Dr Kumari Valentine; Blogger at The Conscious Adventurer

kumari-valentineDr Kumari Fernando Valentine is a clinical psychologist with a radio show, ‘The Conscious Adventurer’. Kumari has released six mindfulness based albums which are widely available, including on Itunes, is active on Facebook and Twitter, and has a Youtube Channel. Kumari has a number of online courses and Kumari’s mission is to inspire others to be kinder to themselves, each other, and the world.  Kumari suggests that we might have to radically alter how we view self-care.

Kumari was awarded Fellowship of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists in recognition of her contribution to clinical psychology in New Zealand. Dr Kumari is both an academic at the University of Otago and a practicing clinician. Her website is www.kumari.co.nz

Jacqui Barrett

Author and Inspirational Speaker

Jacqui has been featured on Stuff.co.nz and MaoriTV for her story as she documents in her book Just Do You. This book reveals the mountains this big hearted little lady conquered. 

In her own words “Growing up with a physical uniqueness is not for the faint-hearted. When you are little, you can’t hide your vulnerabilities. So you either learn to swim, or you drown.”

Jacqui works with people who are tired of limiting self-beliefs dictating their lives, who are ready to make shit happen and finally begin living the life they truly desire. Find out more about her on jacquibe.me

Stella Nicholson

Managing Director of Be Paid Limited

Stella is the lady behind Be Paid Ltd helping small to medium sized enterprises improve their cashflow.  

She has been running her business since 2001 and continues to provide value as described by some of her clients.
“She has good intuition as to the best approach to take in any situation and communicates well with us as required. We have found outsourcing this role to be very effective for us and I would recommend Be Paid Ltd without hesitation.” 

You can find more about Stella on her website bepaid.co.nz

Emeritus Professor Brendan Gray

Managing Partner at Brendan Gray Consulting

Emeritus Professor Brendan Gray was one of our founding presenters for the Solopreneur Business Network’s first annual event. His presentation on Marketing was well received, so much so that we had to bring him back!

He recently joined the entrepreneurship boat again in May 2016 running his Consultancy firm after many years lecturing and leading exciting projects including being the inaugural Dunedin City Chair of Entrepreneurship in 2007. 

You can find more about Emeritus Professor Gray on his LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/in/brendan-gray-17335712


Being in business is not only exciting but it also comes with trying and testing times. Let alone when you are in it as a Solopreneur!

You went into business with so much passion and started off with a bang and before you knew it, you either:

  • slowly realise that this was harder than you thought or
  • lost your enthusiasm or 
  • run out of money to help feed this business or
  • unsure of what to do next and decide to go back to the safety of familiarity

Alternatively, you may have also discovered that the good times are oh so sweet and rewarding especially as you alone managed to drive your business towards that goal you had written down a few months ago. High five you!

The Solopreneur Business Network annual event IS THE EVENT for you to attend and meet others just like you! It is the day to meet others who know what it is like to run a business alone as a solo business owner.

This year’s theme is around the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of doing business as a Solopreneur





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What our previous participants say about this event…

Such an amazing event today! I am so glad I was part of it. Thanks so much to Vanessa and all the wonderful speakers – I really hope there will be another next year!

Nicola Brown

Clinical Psychologist & Fellow Solopreneur, nibl ~ Nature's Ingredients Brought To Life

What a valuable day for solopreneurs! Vanessa assembled an expert group of speakers who shared buckets of knowledge, advice and encouragement. Plus there was time to mingle and network and the food was superb. Solopreneurs – get out from your workspace and attend one of Vanessa’s workshops, you are guaranteed to boost your professional, business and personal success!

Claire Porima

Business Coach & Fellow Solopreneur, Claire Porima Coaching & IraCards

The SBN event was my first networking event that I had attended and I learned so much.

Not only were the speakers top quality but it was clear we were all there to support each other in our business journey.

Melissa Houston

Virtual Assistant & Fellow Solopreneur, Alleviate VA

In the meantime, you can join our group here on Facebook.