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Creative Impact Coaching
Address: New Zealand
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Business Structure: Company
Short Business Description: Working with primarily creative businesses to create a impact in the real world. Working with clients that need to improve performance or time management.
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Creating a business that you love and getting the time and commitment from yourself to work on large projects takes some work. Without someone to work with you in a supportive way business owners find it much harder to stay on track with their goals. Every professional talks to their peers about their work and their issues that they are facing and they get advice.

“You should do this or you should do that” As coaches we know that you can come to your own conclusions and have great learning oportunities and growth potential. Sometimes the mindset that you may have is getting in the way and without recognising this you will remain stuck. Get in touch for a free session there is nothing to lose.

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Business Phone Number: 0800044088
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